Motor City Car Wash


Sell our prepaid wash cards
(#2 Full Serve Value Wash)

Your organization keeps 50%
from each sale.

All we need is the following:
  • Your Organization Name and Logo, if available
  • Message or Slogan, if available
  • Contact Name and Phone Number of the Coordinator in charge of Fundraiser
  • Number of cards you want to sell (minimum of 100)
All we need is the following:
  • Once we receive the information listed above, we print the cards (we pay for the printing costs), you sign a release form and pick up the cards or arrange for them to be dropped off.
  • Selling period must be limited to 2 weeks – no exceptions.
  • At the end of 2 weeks, just drop off a check to Motor City Car Wash for 50% of total value of number of cards sold by your organization. Any unsold cards must also be returned to us.
A menu of services will be provided with each card. However,
the card will apply only to the #2 Value Package.
Any other service requested will be charged at its listed retail value.